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We’d love to sell you some tubers to get your dahlia party started.  Go to the Catalog and place your order today!

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February 27, 2024 3:00 PM CT update:  We just updated the inventory and released  more varieties for pre-sale.  Click HERE to see the list of what was updated.  This will be the final 'restock'.  There may be incremental inventory adjustments as we determine what tubers remain past the needs for the planting stock.

Thanks anyway to all of you who are asking, but we do NOT have a newsletter or a mailing list.  Updates are posted on this page.

Trays and inserts remain available for purchase on the Supplies page but PLEASE NOTE that it is more costly to ship the inserts, trays, and loaf pans than tubers.   Please select the appropriate Shipping Method on the Shopping Cart page.

STAY SAFE! was launched in 2017.  Dahlia Del opened the online site to help dahlia lovers easily get quality dahlia tubers, plants, and products needed to create beautiful dahlia beds. You can trust Del's Dahlias for the assistance you need to grow the gorgeous dahlias that will make a statement in any garden.

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