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Dahlia Del grows his dahlias in neighborhood garden  beds around the Prospect Park neighborhood and in community gardens around Minneapolis and St.  Paul.  He is a member of the Minnesota Dahlia Society (MDS) and the American Dahlia Society,  He shows his award winning blooms at the MN State Fair and at the Fall Dahlia Show at Bachman's,  both sponsored by the great folks at the MDS.   The blooms that are not shown are donated to local organizations like the Our Lady of Peace hospice, Episcopal Homes (a nearby senior residence), and folks who need a pick-me-up because they are facing some life challenges so your purchases help support these charitable efforts.  On rare occasions he will sell blooms through Soderberg's Floral and Gift.

If we don't have what you need please check out Creekside Dahlias and Dahlia Addict.

trophy 2016-10-24 005
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dahlias 2017-07-31 001
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